The Anger Box: Sensory turmoil and pain in autism by Phoebe Caldwell

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The Anger Box: Sensory turmoil and pain in autism

In her new book, Phoebe Caldwell, an expert practitioner with over 30 years’ experience working with people with learning disabilities, offers us a fresh insight into autism spectrum disorders. Shifting her attention away from presentation and symptoms alone, Phoebe explores and attempts to understand the sensory issues experienced by those on the spectrum and their neurobiological roots in an effort to find new ways of alleviating the distress that can characterise this condition.

The book explores the relationship between pain and external stimuli, trigeminal neuralgia, visual distortions, sensory overload, environmental and neurological factors implicated in the development of ASD, and a wide range of other areas.

Drawing upon her own wealth of experience, the experiences of people on the spectrum and new scientific research, Phoebe presents a fascinating and engaging exploration of life on the spectrum, richly textured, vibrant and above all informative.

Publisher: Pavilion Publishing ISBN: 9781909810549 Pages: 156