The Bad Miss Bennet Abroad by Jean Burnett

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The Bad Miss Bennet Abroad

Whatever happened next to Lydia Bennet?

A rollicking romp that follows the fortunes of Pride and Prejudice’s most badly-behaved Bennet sister

Having controversially run off with George Wickham in Pride and Prejudice, Lydia is confronted with his untimely demise on the battlefield at Waterloo. Merry widow Lydia Wickham, née Bennet, is therefore in want of a rich husband.

Failing to find one in Europe, she embarks on a voyage to Brazil accompanied by her trusty maid, Adelaide, to join the exiled Portuguese Court in Rio de Janeiro. She soon catches the eye of the heir, Dom Pedro.

Staying out of trouble doesn’t come naturally to Lydia as she is captured by pirates, then makes a second disastrous marriage, and even finds ways to ruin the Darcys’ tranquil existence all over again. Will she return from the tropics with a cache of jewels? Could she ever succeed in her quest for ‘an agreeable husband with an estate and two matching footmen’, or must her taste for adventure lead her astray yet again?

Charming, witty and altogether addictive, The Bad Miss Bennet Abroad makes for a delightfully exotic and thoroughly enjoyable summer read.

Praise for The Bad Miss Bennet Abroad

‘A refreshing and charming read.’ Cosmochicklitan

‘The exotic nature of the book in contrast to its inspiration, reminded me of Wide Sargasso Sea, the modern prequel to Bronte’s classic Jane Eyre, but Burnett’s novel is a lot more light-hearted and enjoyable. If you are a die-hard Austen or Pride and Prejudice fan, give it a go, it’s sure to raise a smile.’ My Library in the Attic

‘Spying, affairs, adoption, marriage, abandonment, shipwreck, addiction, theft, royalty and pirates. Phew! There is no possibility of boredom while turning those pages. Recommended.Jera’s Jamboree

Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd ISBN: 9781910859643 Pages: 288