The Bell Ringers: A Novel by Henry Porter

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The Bell Ringers: A Novel

A corrupt prime minister uses current anti-terror laws to Orwellian extremes in this “sophisticated, engrossing, and important political thriller” (The Washington Post).
In a near-future England, there are still concerns about terrorism, the press is still feisty, and the prime minister is about to call a general election. But unknown even to most government officials, new technology and anti-terror laws have been used to establish unprecedented control over the lives of ordinary citizens. A top-secret data-mining system known as Deep Truth combs through personal records, identifying law violators as well as anyone disposed to “antigovernment” beliefs.
David Eyam was once the prime minister’s head of intelligence, but after a mysterious fall from grace, he was killed by a terrorist bomb while on vacation in Colombia. Now his former lover, Kate Lockhart, has been named the benefactor of his estate. But Eyam has left her more than just wealth; Lockhart is also heir to his dangerous secrets.
North by Northwest meets House of Cards . . . Porter claims that the novel is set in the near future. Don’t be fooled.” —Cullen Murphy, Vanity Fair
“Scary, informative, and, alas, eminently believable.” —The Economist
“Superb.Anna Mundow, The Boston Globe
Publisher: Grove Press ISBN: 9780802197955 Pages: 416