The birds (Audio content): Learn All There Is to Know About These Animals! by Ivan Esenko

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The birds (Audio content): Learn All There Is to Know About These Animals!

From 3 years old

Come and discover the wonderful life of the birds ! Learn about their environment, their physical characteristics, what they eat and much more !

“Little clever clogs” collection is a must-have for children and other members of the family who are eager to learn about the natural and animal world while having fun.

This interactive book includes audio content.


There are more than 9,000 species of bird in the world. Almost all can fly, and they do so better than any man-made flying machine, because of their forelimbs, which have evolved into wings with feathers. Birds are the only animal group to have feathers, which also give them protection from the elements. Birds have beaks, which they use for feeding. They also use their beaks to preen their feathers, to help them climb, to defend themselves and to attack prey.


The collection "Little clever clogs" is about small animals and how they live.

In the "Little clever clogs" series :
• The bees


The author, Ivan Esenko, presents the world of nature and invites the reader to learn more about the world that we are part of. His camera is his most faithful companion and its lens particularly likes to ‘capture’ those animals that live in close quarters to man. We take them so much for granted that we no longer seem to care for them. Ivan is their voice, he has become their ‘personal’ photographer.
Alenka Vuk Trotovšek is an illustrator who knows how to give her imagination wings. She is inspired by fairy tales, children and nature. She likes to create dynamic illustrations with a touch of humour and mischief. She makes her characters come alive by breathing special life into them.


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Publisher: Primento Digital Publishing ISBN: 9789616929172 Pages: 24