The Bride Series: Tennessee Bride, Texas Bride, and Oregon Bride by Rosanne Bittner

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The Bride Series: Tennessee Bride, Texas Bride, and Oregon Bride

The award-winning author’s “extraordinary” trilogy of frontier romance spans three states and two generations (Publishers Weekly).
Featuring Texas Bride—named a Romantic Times Book Reviews All-Time Favorite—this omnibus edition of the Bride Series gathers all three unforgettable historical romance novels in a single volume.
“Time after time, Rosanne Bittner brings a full-blown portrait of the untamed West to readers. Her tapestry is woven with authenticity, colorful characters, intense emotions and love’s power over every conceivable obstacle.” —Romantic Times Book Reviews
Tennessee Bride
In this first novel, set in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in the 1820s, “Bittner’s characters spring to life” as Emma Simms falls in love with River Joe, a Cherokee-raised frontiersman who must rescue her from an abusive stepfather (Publishers Weekly).
Texas Bride
In 1845, as Texas moves toward statehood, Emma and Joe’s daughter Rachael Rivers returns to Austin to teach school, where Brand Selby, the half-Comanche rancher who loves her, must save her from a cruel and crooked Texas Ranger.
Oregon Bride
On a wagon train to Oregon in 1851, Emma and Joe’s son Joshua Rivers finds himself captivated by the fiery-haired Marybeth MacKinder, a widowed young mother. But with her brutish brother-in-law intent on claiming her, their road to romance is as rough as the trail west.
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626815131 Pages: 1126