The Case of the Etruscan Treasure by Robert Newman

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The Case of the Etruscan Treasure

Andrew and Sara can never escape a mystery—not even in New York City

Verna Tillet’s new play is taking the American stage by storm, and that means young investigators Andrew Tillet and Sara Wiggins have traded London carriage rides for the rattling excitement of New York City’s elevated railway. Affectionately known as the El, it stretches from the Bronx to the tip of the Battery and shows them a whole slice of vibrant city life.
All that’s missing is their friend Inspector Peter Wyatt, who’s about to arrive for what he says is a simple holiday. But when a crane load of cargo nearly flattens Andrew and Sara at the docks, it looks like someone in New York has other plans for them.  
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781497686007 Pages: 177