The Case of the Somerville Secret by Robert Newman

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The Case of the Somerville Secret

Famous archaeologist Lord Somerville leads a quiet life behind high walls, but is he keeping something out—or in?

Things are looking up for Peter Wyatt. Now promoted to inspector and in possession of his own office, the sharp young detective is giving Andrew Tillet a tour of Scotland Yard when they run into an old friend—someone who Andrew is surprised to see again the next morning talking to police in front of Lord Somerville’s villa. He’s even more surprised a week later, when he learns that this man has been murdered.
Andrew and the fearless Sara Wiggins are determined to find out what’s inside the mysterious villa. With the help of Sara’s acting skills and a young French chimney sweep named Pierre, the sleuths begin to piece together the clues, which point to blackmail and a family secret . . . one that someone is willing to kill to conceal.
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781497685987 Pages: 191