The Civil War Papers of George B. McClellan: Selected Correspondence, 1860-1865 by Stephen W Sears

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The Civil War Papers of George B. McClellan: Selected Correspondence, 1860-1865

From the author of Gettysburg: A “valuable” collection of the letters of this controversial Civil War general (James M. McPherson, The New York Review of Books).
No one played as many major roles during the Civil War as Gen. George B. McClellan, nor did any other figure write such candid letters about himself, his motivations, and his intentions. For Civil War buffs, this collection is a gold mine, revealing nuggets of fresh information on military operations and political machinations, from the battle of Antietam through McClellan’s 1864 race for the presidency—as well as the uninhibited correspondence McClellan wrote to his wife—selected and introduced by the prize-winning author Stephen W. Sears, “a first-class writer and splendid historian” (The Wall Street Journal).
“A treasure-trove . . . Nothing of importance concerning [McClellan’s] military strategies and tactics or the politics, policies, and issues of the war has been omitted. Sears has edited the collection with consummate economy and skill, and his introductory essays to the book’s eleven sections weave the disparate facts of McClellan’s wartime experience together.” —Library Journal
“The letters are most valuable as a revelation of McClellan’s personality, which lay at the root of his military failure. They make clear that his initial success and fame went to his head.” —James M. McPherson, The New York Review of Books
“Introduced with insightful essays . . . [McClellan] emerges as the Captain Queeg of the Civil War.” —Harold Holzer, Chicago Tribune
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Edited By: Stephen W Sears ISBN: 9780547971179 Pages: 633