The Collected Novels Volume One: The Life and Loves of a She Devil, The Hearts and Lives of Men, and Praxis by Fay Weldon

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The Collected Novels Volume One: The Life and Loves of a She Devil, The Hearts and Lives of Men, and Praxis

With wicked wit and savage glee, British novelist Fay Weldon “breaks taboos like tape at a marathon” (Los Angeles Times).
Perhaps best known for her “small, mad masterpiece,” The Life and Loves of a She Devil, Man Booker Prize nominee Fay Weldon has been writing some of the boldest, funniest satirical novels for over half a century (The Washington Post Book World). In her mid-eighties, she’s penned a scathing sequel, The Death of a She Devil, “a brilliant black comedy” (The Mail on Sunday). Weldon’s take-no-prisoners milieu is often the war between the sexes; she “[points] up the mad underside of our sexual politics with a venomous accuracy for which wit is far too mild a word” (The New York Times Book Review).
The Life and Loves of a She Devil
A New York Times Notable Book
“With infectious, wicked glee,” Weldon tells the story of Ruth, whose husband, Bobbo, has fallen in love with Mary Fisher, a bestselling romance novelist who lives in a high tower overlooking the sea (Chicago Tribune). Mary is petite, dainty, and lovely. Ruth is not. When Bobbo moves out, Ruth decides to orchestrate an elaborate and masterful revenge. Weldon’s “powerfully funny and oddly powerful” novel was made into a film with Meryl Streep and Roseanne Barr (The Washington Post Book World).
“A scintillating, mind-boggling, vicarious thrill for any reader who has ever fantasized dishing out retribution for one wrong or another.” —The New York Times Book Review
The Hearts and Lives of Men: In Weldon’s “imaginative work of Dickensian scope” set in 1960s London, Clifford Wexford and Helen Lally meet at a party and fall passionately in love (Los Angeles Times). But their baby, Nell, isn’t even a year old when their marriage unravels. Divorce quickly follows, and so begins a battle for Nell’s care and affection. Helen remarries; Clifford has affairs—and something quite remarkable happens to little Nell, as an ill-conceived kidnapping plot sets her on a series of picaresque adventures in this modern-day fairy tale.
“Wry, gutsy and loaded with fun.” —The New York Times
Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize
Praxis Duveen is a survivor. At five years old, in 1920s England, she is still innocent, the product of an unstable mother and a father who abandoned her and Hypatia, her half-crazy sister. As the decades fly by, Praxis experiences many incarnations, from prostitute to rape victim, wife to adulteress, and eventually becomes the accidental leader of an international women’s movement. Now, from her dingy basement apartment where she’s attempting to write a memoir, Praxis recounts her remarkable journey—peppered with more than a few detours along the way.
“Weldon’s most directly feminist novel . . . A narrative that convinces, horrifies, and entertains.” —Library Journal
Publisher: Open Road Media ISBN: 9781504054379 Pages: 1520