The Collected Novels Volume Two: Letters to Alice, Worst Fears, and The Heart of the Country by Fay Weldon

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The Collected Novels Volume Two: Letters to Alice, Worst Fears, and The Heart of the Country

Three novels from the “prolific and provocative” British satirist: from the joy of inspiration to the shock of betrayal and the pleasure of vengeance (Time Out).
Perhaps best known for her “small, mad masterpiece,” The Life and Loves of a She Devil, Man Booker Prize nominee Fay Weldon has been writing some of the boldest, funniest satirical novels for over half a century (The Washington Post Book World). In her mid-eighties, she’s penned a scathing sequel, The Death of a She Devil, “a brilliant black comedy” (The Mail on Sunday). The three volumes collected here—from an epistolary novel inspired by Jane Austen to a widow’s discovery of her husband’s betrayal and a tale of abandonment that twists into comeuppance—all prove Weldon’s wit and insights into the human condition to be as sharp as ever.
Letters to Alice: With the dire warning, “You must read, Alice, before it’s too late,” Aunt Fay implores her niece to immerse herself in the works of enduring authors. Taking its inspiration from Jane Austen’s relationship with her niece, Weldon’s epistolary novel explores the literary life, as lived by both Austen and eighteen-year-old Alice, as she struggles with her own writing, school, parents, romance, ambition, and spiky green hair.
“Wise, sharp, informative . . . shrewd and funny.” —The Times Literary Supplement
Worst Fears
A New York Times Notable Book
A darling of the London theater world, Alexandra Ludd is playing Nora in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House when her husband, Ned, former theater critic and stay-at-home father to their young son, Sascha, dies of an apparent heart attack. But when Alexandra returns to their country home, her grief begins to give way to suspicion. Ned didn’t keel over in the dining room, as her good friends told her. He died in their bed—and he wasn’t alone. What’s a widow to do?
“This splendid and spiteful novel shows Fay Weldon to be in as fine form as ever.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Heart of the Country: When her husband kisses her and their children goodbye, departs for the office, and never returns, Natalie blames herself. Perhaps if she hadn’t been cheating on him every Tuesday and Thursday, he wouldn’t have left her for his secretary, a local beauty queen. Penniless and soon homeless, Natalie finds herself navigating the heartless labyrinth of the state welfare system. There, she meets Sonia, who offers to shelter Natalie and her children. But Sonia has her own agenda (hint: she’s narrating from a mental institution) that will culminate in a monstrous act of vengeance at the town’s carnival.
“Galloping, good, mean fun.” —Kirkus Reviews
Publisher: Open Road Media ISBN: 9781504054386 Pages: 915