The Compleat Werewolf: And Other Stories of Fantasy and Science Fiction by Anthony Boucher

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The Compleat Werewolf: And Other Stories of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Ten otherworldly “diabolical delights” from the author of Rocket to the Morgue and “The Quest for Saint Aquin” (Kirkus Reviews).
Anthony Boucher was a literary renaissance man: an Edgar Award–winning mystery reviewer, an esteemed editor of the Hugo Award–winning Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, a prolific scriptwriter of radio mystery programs, and an accomplished writer of mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. With a particular fondness for the locked room mystery, Boucher created such iconic sleuths as Los Angeles PI Fergus O’Breen, amateur sleuth Sister Ursula, and alcoholic ex-cop Nick Noble.
“A fine volume of inventive entertainment” (The Times, London), this collection features ten of Boucher’s greatest stories of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror.
A down on his luck college professor chats with a magician over cocktails, and a hairy situation ensues in “The Compleat Werewolf.” Private detective Fergus O’Breen visits Mexico to investigate a peculiar case of a man with a skeleton in “The Pink Caterpillar.” Meet androids and aliens in “Q.U.R.” and “Robinc.” A terrifying—but tiny—demon is summoned in “Snulbug.” And a man discovers true terror lingering in the corner of his eye in the California desert in “They Bite.”
Publisher: Road ISBN: 9781504057363 Pages: 252