The Convenient Arrangement: A Regency Romance by Jo Ann Ferguson

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The Convenient Arrangement: A Regency Romance

Lorenzo Wolfe (previously seen in A Phantom Affair) has recently become Lord Moorsea, with lands in southwestern England. When he goes to claim them, he finds he already has company. Lady Valeria Fanning (previously seen in Rhyme and Reason) has come with her 8-year-old nephew to live with the man who was once her guardian, the previous Lord Moorsea. Now they are Lorenzo’s responsibility, because she lost everything she owed when her late brother’s debts swallowed everything.
For Lorenzo, the simplest thing to do would be to find Valeria a convenient arrangement—a marriage to someone else. But that plan goes awry when one of her brother’s debtors tries to force her into marriage by using her nephew as a pawn. Instead of the quiet life Lorenzo thought he wanted, he finds himself embroiled in saving the boy who has vexed him too many times. However, he has come to love the little boy as well as his aunt. Suddenly living alone in the isolated house has no appeal, but is it too late?

Publisher: Open Road Distribution ISBN: 9781504009065 Pages: 220