The Cynthia Freeman Collection Volume Two: The Jewish Historical Sagas by Cynthia Freeman

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The Cynthia Freeman Collection Volume Two: The Jewish Historical Sagas

From a New York Times–bestselling author: Three epic historical novels that bring to life the spirit of the Jewish immigrant experience in America.
New York Times–bestselling author Cynthia Freeman is beloved for her multigenerational sagas of Jewish immigrant families in America, including her sensational debut, A World Full of Strangers, which sold more than a million copies. The three novels collected here center on ordinary, heroic women who journey across the ocean in search of opportunity, finding both community and adversity, family togetherness and private grief, tragedy and triumph.
A World Full of Strangers: In 1932, Polish immigrant Katie Kovitz is embraced by the Jewish community of the Lower East Side. But after marrying a man who rejects his heritage, she struggles to reclaim her lost identity in this sensational debut novel.
Portraits: In this New York Times bestseller, Esther Sandsonitsky leaves her abusive husband and journeys to the United States in order to capture a piece of the American dream for her children—including Jacob, the son she was forced to leave behind.
No Time for Tears: “This impassioned novel follows its heroine, Chavala Landau, from turn-of-the-century Russia to Palestine and on to the United States, where she carves out a financial empire in the diamond industry before returning to Jerusalem in 1948” (The New York Times).
Publisher: Open Road Media ISBN: 9781504053815 Pages: 3825