The Face in the Shadows: Fantasy by Iman Eyitayo

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The Face in the Shadows: Fantasy

This is a world where twins are not allowed to live...

Seventeen-year-old Aluna lives in the shadows. She’s a pariah. She was born a twin; but since the Lord Regent has arrived in Iriah to reign as a tyrant, twins have no right to live.
However, when she breaks an ancient law by accident, thus reviving a conflict with the neighboring kingdom, she finds herself being everyone’s main focus.
Therefore, she will have to make a choice: pretend she committed the crime willingly and condemn her own family, or risk a war by staying quiet. Will she manage to maintain the peace without revealing her secret?
This is Aluna against her world, herself, and an unexpected power...

Discover the first book of the gripping Fantasy series Breath of Fire


Born in 1988, Iman Eyitayo has always loved telling stories. Inspired by video games and passionate about drawing, she started making comic books that she would secretly share with her sister as she was just a child.She turned to writing much later, in December 2011: after finding old drawings from her childhood, she decided to write her first book, Breath of Fire, which she later published thanks to the support of her friends and family.Besides writing, Iman Eyitayo loves travelling, learning new languages, listening to music, watching TV shows, drawing and playing video games. In 2017, she won the JDMF (Journée du Manuscrit francophone) prize for her novel Au-delà du miroir (les Éditions du Net).


The girl frowned when she heard her master’s call. She had been dreaming of a castle. He had interrupted her kissing a handsome man and brought her sharply back to reality. She woke up startled and sat up, alert. She was no longer surrounded by high walls upholstered in red and gold; she was now in a bare, lifeless room. The olive-skinned stranger dressed in black had disappeared too, leaving her with nothing but her own reflection in the glass before her.
Aluna stood, lit a lantern and went to the mirror. She examined herself, from her thin legs to her rebellious dreadlocks. She ran a hand through her tresses and started gathering them in a braid.
Aluna’s hair was important to her. Her mother had always said that keeping it long and neat could help her pass for a noblewoman one day. She had spent years teaching her daughter to care for her hair and make it attractive in spite of its considerable volume, and Aluna had been a very good student.

Publisher: Primento Digital Publishing Translated By: Flynn Meaney, Winnie Agossou ISBN: 9791096622061 Pages: 348