The Forest Lake Mystery: The Original Danish Crime Thriller by Palle Rosenkrantz

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The Forest Lake Mystery: The Original Danish Crime Thriller

The original Danish crime novel available for the first time in English.

Detective Sergeant Eigil Holst is on holiday in the countryside when the body of a baby is washed up on the banks of a nearby lake. The local magistrate orders the lake to be drained and the body of a young woman is discovered, naked and weighed down with stones tied to her feet and neck. Her identity is a mystery.

Holst then takes it upon himself to find out where this woman came from, why she was in this remote location and who could have had motive to kill her. His investigations take him across Scandinavia and into central Europe as, gradually, he realises that the solution to the mystery could have huge implications on his own future.

The Forest Lake Mystery, originally published in 1903, is considered to be the very first Danish crime novel and the annual Danish crime writing awards are named in honour of its author, Palle Rosenkrantz.

Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd Translated By: David Young ISBN: 9781788630627 Pages: 300