The Gallery by Barbara Steiner

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The Gallery

When a high schooler gets a job in the art department of a nearby university, she begins to suspect that the campus is haunted by a ghost—and maybe even a serial killer

LaDonna Martindale hopes that her new job at the local college will help to inspire her own painting. But every night, in the art school basement, she sorts canvases for the upcoming gallery showing. And every night, she feels the same strange, comforting presence of someone in the basement with her—even if she can’t see him.
When LaDonna suddenly discovers a beautiful painting on the basement wall that wasn’t there before, she realizes that her ghost is an incredible artist. Maybe, just maybe, he can be the muse she’s been lacking.
But when a string of murders on campus turns her small town upside down, LaDonna isn’t sure whom to trust—her best friend, Johnny; the art school director; or even her ghost. LaDonna can sense someone stalking her whenever she’s on campus, and she starts to wonder if she might be the serial killer’s next victim. 
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781497611290 Pages: 173