The Green Pen: A Novel by Eloy Moreno

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The Green Pen: A Novel

A young husband and father confronts his past in order find meaning within himself

What begins as a series of recollections of a young married man with 1 child and a steady and stable existence turns into a vivid and imaginative portrayal of how seemingly insignificant moments can weave themselves into memories and open our eyes to what is essential in life. Author Eloy Moreno paints a picture of displacement in the present—and reconnection with the past—that revolves around the loss of and obsessive search for a particular green pen. What ensues is a yearning for self-discovery and truth that causes the man to reflect on the people and myriad stories he has previously overlooked, but which have surrounded him all along.
The Green Pen is told with exquisite precision and detail through the eyes of this husband and father as he explores both the pain and the beauty of life, and searches for rebirth through an introspective journey.
Publisher: Grupo Planeta ISBN: 9781504016780 Pages: 366