The Growth Transformer's Roadmap: Seize opportunities - Surmount challenges by Paul O'Dea, Emer O'Donnell

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The Growth Transformer's Roadmap: Seize opportunities - Surmount challenges

In an era of full opportunity where some companies are transforming growth, others appear stuck in neutral or are at a crossroads. Their leadership teams are frustrated, tired of detours and dead-ends. Many are ambitious companies with good options. However the road forward is blocked by the operational ‘in the business’ work required to keep the lights on. Yet other leadership teams create space for time to work ‘on the business.’ They reject the status quo. They foresee new opportunities and new ways of doing things. They step outside their comfort zone and look beyond today’s horizon. They seem to have a roadmap. These Growth Transformers build on foundations of ambition, disruption and execution. Yet they recognize that transformation is risky. They balance the urgency of today against the importance of the future. They understand process, timing and sequence. They use external signals to guide them beyond the fog of day-to-day combat. They have an innate sense that if they transform too early, they will be too far ahead – too late and they will fail. Their dilemma is dramatized by the urgency of their own ambitions. Business Growth TransformerTM encompasses five steps, which bring clarity on direction and serve as a catalyst to make solid decisions. It delivers a committed and proven plan for transformational growth. This eBook takes you through these five common steps and challenges you to become a Growth Transformer yourself.

Publisher: Oak Tree Press Edited By: Clare Gallagher ISBN: 9781781192481 Pages: 28