The Hot Zone by Nirjay Mahindru

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The Hot Zone

‘The original reason for creating the concentration camps was to keep there such people whom we rightfully considered enemies of the State’ Herman Goering, Nuremberg Trial, 1946

Three British Asians are incarcerated in an unfamiliar land. Guilty or innocent? The journey of five characters is explored at their point of intersection. All is not what it seems. Truth and deception, reality and fabrication are woven together in this powerful tale that explores one of the most controversial aspects of modern day counter-terrorism.

Inspired by the Guardian dossiers of interviews at Guantanamo Bay, this illuminative and daring new play looks at how the global ‘war on terror’ has rocked our perceptions of national and religious identity. Mixing fact and fiction, horror and dark humour, The Hot Zone boldly addresses the political abuse of human rights today.

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd ISBN: 9781783194704 Pages: 93