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The Invisible Man (with panel zoom) - Classics Illustrated by H. G. Wells

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The Invisible Man (with panel zoom) - Classics Illustrated

One of the most gripping of H.G. Wells' science-fiction sagasThe Invisible Man (1897) is the story of a brilliant young scientist who hastily experiments upon himself, becoming invisible and mad. He is imprisoned in a nightmare of his own making. From its opening in a small village inn, the narrative moves inexorably towards a climax of terror as the whole of England unites to hunt down and destroy the invisible alien. Beautifully illustrated, this classic tale captures the imagination of readers of all ages and inspires a love of literature and reading. The Invisible Man is a perfect addition to your digital, Classics Illustrated library.Optimized for Kindle devices and featuring Panel Zoom facility.

Publisher: Trajectory Inc ISBN: 9781620282410 Pages: 48