The Islands of Unwisdom by Robert Graves

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The Islands of Unwisdom

Swashbuckling historical fiction from the author of I, Claudius. “A cleverly balanced mixture of spice, fact, humor and adventure on and off the high seas” (Kirkus Reviews).
Set in the Age of Exploration, The Islands of Unwisdom tells the story of the ill-fated Don Álvaro de Mendaña y Neyra, a Spanish explorer set on finding the Solomon Islands, the mythical source of King Solomon’s vast wealth. Driven by greed, ambition, and lust, Don Alvaro and his wife, the beautiful and dangerous Ysabel, lead a crew of adventurers beyond the horizon in search of the wealth of their wildest dreams.
However, that’s not exactly what they find. In the hands of master historical novelist, classicist, and poet Robert Graves, this tale offers a fascinating look at a brutal and bloody era, and insights into the reasons for Spain’s failure to ultimately dominate world exploration during this time.
Publisher: RosettaBooks ISBN: 9780795336836 Pages: 341