The Lady Boba: A Woman of Little Sense by Lope de Vega

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The Lady Boba: A Woman of Little Sense

Nise and Finea are famous beauties. Their father, Don Octavio, a wealthy businessman, is doing his best to marry them off and an exotic collection of determined young suitors are competing for the prizes. The sticking point? Nise, the elder sister, is too clever for her own good, whilst younger sister Finea is notoriously stupid.

Can the family hide Finea’s shortcomings long enough to hoodwink a suitor into marriage? Surely the combination of a dancing master and a huge dowry will do the trick? The ploy is more successful than anyone might have anticipated…

A Woman of Little Sense is a big-hearted and hilarious romantic comedy which celebrates the power of love.

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd ISBN: 9781783195435 Pages: 112