The Medieval Hearts Series: For My Lady's Heart and Shadowheart by Laura Kinsale

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The Medieval Hearts Series: For My Lady's Heart and Shadowheart

The complete medieval romance series by a New York Times–bestselling author who “creates magic” (Lisa Kleypas).
In this pair of unforgettable romances set in fourteenth-century Europe, the New York Times–bestselling author and RITA Award winner once again proves “no one—repeat no one—writes historical romance better than Laura Kinsale” (Mary Jo Putney, New York Times–bestselling author). Special to these ebook editions, each novel is presented in two versions, the first re-creating Middle English dialogue with deep period detail, the second reworked by the author to be a tighter read, with more modern words for dialogue. Whichever you decide to read, you’ll come away agreeing with New York Times–bestselling author Julia Quinn: “Laura Kinsale’s work is unfailingly brilliant and beautiful.”
For My Lady’s Heart: With Princess Melanthe di Monteverde widowed, a political marriage would tip the balance of power to any kingdom that possessed her. Determined to return to England alive and unwed, she hides behind a mask of witchery. Protecting her is Ruck d’Angleterre, a chivalrous knight who never wavers—and the only man Melanthe wishes could lift the veil of her disguise. He once desired her, but now his gaze reveals distrust. As they flee her enemies, Melanthe’s impossible love for the knight only grows . . .
Shadowheart: As the last unmarried princess of Monteverde, Elayne is trapped when her hand is promised to the land’s ruler. But on the voyage to meet her betrothed, she is captured by a pirate, Allegreto Navona—and soon finds her captor impossible to resist. Trained as an assassin, Allegreto is the bastard son of an ambitious lord who raised him to murder for control of Monteverde. If Allegreto can make Elayne his wife, the country will be his. But she is no mere maiden to be possessed. As he finds himself falling in love with her, Elayne will prove his greatest challenge . . .
Publisher: Open Road Media Romance ISBN: 9781504052986 Pages: 4090