The Mystery Box: Jack & Maddie [Picture book for children] by Bénédicte Carboneill, Budding Adventures

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The Mystery Box: Jack & Maddie [Picture book for children]

Age: From 4 years old

Do you dream of becoming an adventurer?

Discover Jack and Maddie’s fantastic journeys!

This morning, Jack and Maddie have decided to spend a simple day fishing. They certainly did not expect to find a fabulous treasure hidden in the ocean…

The Mystery Box is part of the Budding Adventures series. It is a wonderful adventure about friendship and new discoveries.

While young children will love the colourful illustrations, early readers will discover the joy to read by themselves.

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This morning, Jack and Maddie have decided to go fishing in the sea. Poko is delighted, he loves fishing with his friends. Before leaving, they prepare a nice picnic, take their fishing rods and raise the anchor. Off into the great wide ocean!

Suddenly, Poko notices something near the boat and warns the little sailors: “Shark! Shark!”
Maddie leans over and bursts out laughing, saying:
“No, Poko, it’s a dolphin!”
“Dolphin! Dolphin!” He repeats at the top of his voice. Jack is reassured: he doesn’t like sharks very much!

Publisher: Primento Digital Publishing ISBN: 9782511036419 Pages: 14