The Poetry Of Arthur Graeme West by Arthur Graeme West

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The Poetry Of Arthur Graeme West

Arthur Graeme West was born in 1891 in Norfolk in England. He was educated at Blundell's School and then Balliol College, Oxford. West was killed by a sniper on April 3rd 1917. His published works are few and rest mainly on the acclaimed ‘The Diary Of A Dead officer’, which was published in 1919. His poetry, which we publish here, is acclaimed by many. Indeed ‘God, How I Hate you! And ‘The Night Patrol’ are regularly lauded as explicit examples of life on the front lines by regular soldiers. Had he lived he may well have added many other poems to his canon but what we are left with is a fitting tribute to this young poet.

Publisher: Copyright Group ISBN: 9781783949243 Pages: 14