The Prisoner of Meadow Bank by Miles Gibson

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The Prisoner of Meadow Bank

A bittersweet suburban comedy

When her husband drives to work in the city each morning, Holly Walker feels trapped in their house in the sleepy suburb of Meadow Bank. She is overweight, underappreciated and lonely.

But when she starts slimming down, things begin to change alarmingly. Her husband doesn’t like the new Holly, the neighbours get jealous and the smooth-talking owner of the local pet shop starts paying her a lot of attention.

But behind the fences and hedges of Meadow Bank, no one is to be trusted.

Another biting modern satire from one of our great comedy writers.

Praise for Miles Gibson

‘One of my favourite authors.’ Billy Connolly

‘Black comedy along Evelyn Waugh lines, but with its merriments even kinkier.’ The Observer

Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd ISBN: 9781911591153 Pages: 300