The Rake's Redemption by Sherrill Bodine

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The Rake's Redemption

A collision on the road to London sparks unexpected passion between a young widow and a rakish Marquess in this enthralling Regency romance.  
Following the sudden death of his parents, Dominic Crawford, the Marquess of Aubrey, has inherited a prestigious title and a life of luxury. On his way to London to celebrate another season of high society with drinking and carousing, his travels are interrupted by a collision with a young widow’s carriage.
It is not in Juliana’s nature to lie. Yet, the only way to convince her overworked brother to join her in London is to insist that she is looking to marry again . . . even though she will forever belong to her dear Will who died in battle shortly after their marriage. Rattled by a carriage accident that leaves her gazing into Dominic’s blue eyes, Juliana is even more shaken when a kiss between them leaves her senseless! But it is this kiss, so different from Will’s, that awakens feelings Juliana never knew she had. As she is dangerously drawn into his world, will Juliana be one more of Dominic’s conquests—or the woman who changes his rakish ways?
“A talented author with a real gift for linking the modern reader to the glamorous past.” —RT Book Reviews
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626812086 Pages: 180