The Royal Pain: A Novel by MaryJanice Davidson

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The Royal Pain: A Novel

A spoiled yet struggling princess gets a dose of romance in this tongue-in-cheek sequel to The Royal Treatment, from the New York Times–bestselling author.
The Kingdom of Alaska—majestic, wild, and definitely still part of Russia—has a problem. Princess Alexandria’s acid wit has turned even more biting after a bad case of insomnia has kept her from getting any royal rest. Enter marine biologist Dr. Shel “Never Sheldon” Rivers, called on by his boss to help the regal cranky pants get forty winks so that she’ll be receptive to his ardent wooing.
Dr. Rivers wants nothing more than to be alone. In his lab. All the time. And now he’s stuck waiting on a spoiled princess hand and foot: escorting her around the marine institute, explaining his experiments, kissing her until her royal toes curl . . . Well, okay, that part wasn’t exactly planned. Still, Dr. Rivers might have some new ideas on how to finally get the fantastic, exasperating woman some well-deserved shut-eye. Ideas that involve getting her very, very tired after some extracurricular activities . . .
In this delightfully madcap sequel to The Royal Treatment, the Baranov family will learn a few lessons about love as a prickly princess and peevish PhD discover that sometimes attraction is the best medicine.
Publisher: Kensington ISBN: 9780758263087 Pages: 283