The Royal Treatment: A Novel by MaryJanice Davidson

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The Royal Treatment: A Novel

The New York Times–bestselling author sweeps readers away to an alternate Alaska where kings and queens rule—and love can take most unexpected turns . . .
In a world nearly identical to ours, except for the fact that Russia never sold Alaska to the United States, the eccentric Baranov family has a problem. The crown prince refuses to find a bride. And without a queen at his side, the kingdom of Alaska could fall into chaos. With no other choice, the Baranovs do the only thing possible in a situation like this: give a commoner a royal reeducation.
Christina, Her Future Royal Highness or whatever, gets a crash course in how to be a princess-to-be, including, but not limited to: don’t tell jokes you picked up from guys on the fishing boat; stifle your burps; don’t ask for cocktail sauce with your oysters; always remember that the most important word in “royal family” is family; and never forget that falling in love is a whole lot easier than it looks . . .
Queen of romance, snark, and wit MaryJanice Davidson gives readers a regal treat with this dazzling and delightfully wacky tale about a tough commoner and a stuck-up prince who discover that they are much more alike than they ever dreamed . . .
Publisher: Kensington ISBN: 9780758252562 Pages: 290