The Saints by Luke Barnes

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The Saints

‘I’m looking at you– you’re about to find God in here, on the pitch, in the stands, on the grass, this is a holy day for you. For all of us. This is how we touch Heaven. By being here. Being God for The Saints. We make this holy.’

Kenny Glynn is the world’s biggest Saints fan and for twenty-five years he has been locked in a game of football against the world. On his 29th birthday the world steps up its game and Kenny Glynn faces the match of his life as he takes on women, money and status with the help of his mates, his family and the guiding spirit of Matt Le Tissier. Can they conquer all the things the world is throwing at them? Will Southampton ever win the FA cup again? And what can we learn from the icons we hold so dearly at the club?

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd ISBN: 9781783196548 Pages: 112