The SEAL in my Attic by Jan Irving

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The SEAL in my Attic

On the run with his sexy SEAL Caleb Black, Doctor Murphy Walton is looking for answers while trying to avoid getting his heart stomped a second time.

Doctor Murphy Walton is having a really bad day. His favorite patient died in surgery and now he's on forced leave. He comes home and discovers sizzling cowboy Caleb Black skulking in his attic. He's never forgotten the SEAL or the passionate week they shared, though he hasn't heard from Caleb in more than a year.

But now things are different. Caleb doesn't remember who he is or why he came to Murph. All Caleb knows is he has to retrieve something from Murph's attic…and keep him breathing when assassins try to eliminate the one person he could never forget—shy, sweet Murph.

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd ISBN: 9781781840023 Pages: 99