The Seduction of Almighty God by Howard Barker

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The Seduction of Almighty God

"The Seduction of Almighty God" is set during the dissolution of the monasteries, a critical moment in the history of the English priesthood. The loss of faith and cynical corruption of the few priests left at the Abbey of Calcetto is unexpectedly challenged by the arrival of a young man with an unsullied and passionate belief in God. The boy Loftus gradually acquires a huge moral ascendancy through the intensity and purity of his faith, but he is then brutally punished by the priests. Powerful poetic language, provocative ideas and rich, dark humour build a thought-provoking allegory for one of the key issues of our times. Howard Barker invents a world of shocking and universal metaphor in a place that might be anywhere struggling with the rise of extreme belief and the dangerous distorted power it unleashes.

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd ISBN: 9781849433167 Pages: 64