The Sequel by R. L. Stine

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The Sequel

Writer’s block shows up in person to terrorize a bestselling author.

Zachary Gold, struggling to write his second novel after his first became an instant success, is suddenly confronted by a mysterious man claiming that Zach plagiarized his writing. In an effort to escape the crazed imposter, Zach flees to a nearby library and hides out amid the children’s bookshelves in the basement. Surrounded by fairy tales, fearing for his safety, the author endeavors to write while grappling with the question of whether to attempt a sequel to his smash hit or start anew with an original story.

The Sequel, penned by none other than R. L. Stine, the man who made horror fun for young readers, is the latest installment in the Bibliomysteries series.

The Bibliomysteries are a series of short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors.
Publisher: Road ISBN: 9781497695443 Pages: 66