The Silver Canyon by Paul Lederer

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The Silver Canyon

The stirring final installment in a series that combines the thrills of the Old West with supernatural chills

In the cold desert night, gunslinger Ray Featherskill rides alone. On the horizon, he sees two men sitting at a roaring campfire. He approaches carefully, but his caution is unnecessary. The men are dead, their throats cut from ear to ear. It is the work of Blackschuster, the sinister magician who kidnapped Dr. Spectros’s beloved bride and imprisoned her in a glass coffin. Ray rides not just for Spectros, but to avenge every innocent person Blackschuster has killed.
On the shadowy edge of the dead men’s camp, Ray finds a survivor—a spirited young woman who is happy to join the chase for the magician who murdered her father. Soon they are joined by Spectros, and an epic blood feud approaches its electrifying conclusion. 
Publisher: Open Road Media ISBN: 9781497694071 Pages: 171