The Story of Leonardo Da Vinci 500 Years After His Death by Antone Pierucci

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The Story of Leonardo Da Vinci 500 Years After His Death

A quick internet search will yield results of Leonardo da Vinci’s legendary paintings, the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, and you might even catch a glimpse of his well-known sketches of machines, human bodies, and animals. However, there’s so much more to da Vinci than his paintings and drawings.

This 16th-century Italian man embodied the Renaissance spirit — he was intensely interested in everyone and everything. His curiosity spanned every discipline, from geometry to anatomy to the link between art and science.

500 years ago was a time of insight, of investigation, and in this sense, da Vinci fit in perfectly. However, in another sense, he didn’t belong at all — he was a loner living in his own world. An illegitimate child with 17 half-siblings, Leonardo also shrouded himself in secrecy. He wrote in a mirror script, meaning that you could only understand what he had written by holding it up to a mirror. He believed that we all have potential to do amazing things, but he also had lots of unfinished projects and struggled with lifelong self-doubt.

Delve in to these pages to find out why Leonardo di Ser Piero d’Antonio di Ser Piero di Ser Guido da Vinci — yes, this was his full name — was as mysterious as his painting of Mona Lisa’s famous smile.

Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group ISBN: 9781620234266 Pages: 186