The Tarleton Murders: Sherlock Holmes in America by Breck England

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The Tarleton Murders: Sherlock Holmes in America

Jerusalem’s holiest site is the epicenter of an ancient conspiracy to destroy the world in an electrifying thriller for Dan Brown and James Rollins fans.
The Pope is dead, the apparent victim in a murder-suicide carried out by his most loyal secretary in Vatican City. But the strange disappearance of a sacred relic suggests that the truth is even darker than it first appears. And it’s a link in a terrifying chain of events that could devastate the world’s three major religions—Christianity, Judaism, and Islam—and hasten the end of all things.
In Israel, a potentially devastating explosion at the Dome of the Rock is narrowly averted, as Mossad agents rush in prevent the early morning destruction of the sacred site where Solomon’s temple stood, where Christ was crucified, and where Muslims the world over come to worship at their holiest mosque. In the raid’s aftermath, an Israeli intelligence agent forms an unlikely partnership with an Interpol art expert. But their hunt for answers leads them into the dark heart of an ancient conspiracy, as the world’s oldest, most secret society prepares to unleash a power more destructive than anything ever imagined.
The Day of Atonement is an ingenious international thriller from the author of The Tarleton Murders. Packed with unrelenting suspense, it is a breathtaking adventure that fans of Inferno, The Da Vinci Code, and the bestselling fiction of Daniel Silva and David Baldacci will eagerly devour.
Publisher: Mango Media ISBN: 9781633536500 Pages: 248