The Tiger in the Smoke by Margery Allingham

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The Tiger in the Smoke

The Tiger in the Smoke is a phenomenal novel.” —J. K. Rowling
A fog is creeping through the weary streets of London—so too are whispers that the Tiger is back in town, undetected by the law, untroubled by morals. And the rumors are true: Jack Havoc, charismatic outlaw, knife-wielding killer, and ingenious jail-breaker, is on the loose once again.
As Havoc stalks the smog-cloaked alleyways of the city, it falls to Albert Campion to hunt down the fugitive and put a stop to his rampage—before it’s too late . . .
“Allingham’s work is always of the first rank.” —The New York Times
Publisher: Ipso Books ISBN: 9781504048699 Pages: 332