The True Detective by Theodore Weesner

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The True Detective

A detective searches for a missing boy in this “compulsively readable thriller” from the author of The Car Thief (Chicago Tribune).
Gil Dulac, a police investigator in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, sees his sleepy city infested with a pandemic of sexual depravity. So it’s no surprise to him when twelve-year-old Eric Wells goes missing. Now, as the clock winds down on a horrifying reality, the detective must use his wits, resolve, and experiences to somehow find the boy alive.
Theodore Weesner takes the reader deep into the conflicting desires and motivations of a broken family, a frustrated perpetrator, and an immensely complex cop, to create a lightning-fast literary thriller that is “both powerful and moving” (The New York Times).
“A crime novel that more than any other . . . takes in the whole situation of the crime. There are no obvious villains here, or easy answers. This is not a genre novel. It belongs on the literature shelf.” —USA Today
Publisher: Astor + Blue Editions ISBN: 9781938231094 Pages: 543