The United States of Us by Kate Sundara

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The United States of Us

A gripping tale of love and self-discovery

A young backpacker in search of love and meaning gets more than she reckoned on when she follows her summer romance from a Utopian island to the wilds of North America...

A thrilling journey of dangerous encounters, road-trips and haunting heartache leads to spiritual expansion, proving that sometimes it takes breaking apart to break open.

A magical, multidimensional story of love, learning and letting go.

Kate Sundara is an author and artist. She spent a decade travelling the world collecting stories and now writes about adventure, love, magic and nature. The United States of Us is her debut novel.

Praise for The United States of Us

‘I enjoyed this book, so much so that I finished it within hours of starting it. It was a stunning portrayal of a woman who begins to come to terms with the truths of the world, as she opens her eyes and gradually rejects her naivety.’

‘Beautifully written. Gripping story… Honest, raw and heartfelt’

Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd ISBN: 9781910859209 Pages: 340