The Waiter by Dominic CostaBir

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The Waiter

"Anjan Chatterjee, CMD, Specialty Restaurants Ltd on 'The Waiter'

Light reading and potent learning – that’s ‘The Waiter’. It enlightens but never sermonises. Dominic disarms you with his candid sharing – his ego, temptation to cheat, his over smart ways, his know-it-all attitude... He stirs you by sharing accounts of people that touched, inspired and changed him. He’s unapologetic when he admonishes about the perils of negative attitude and behaviour. His plain speak is refreshing. And each experience ends with the lesson learnt by him which we could all learn from. Dominic goes a step further by providing motivation to apply the learning.

‘The Waiter’ is recommended reading for those in the service industry at large and customer care in particular. It demonstrates how to care for an organisation’s most valuable asset – customers, clients, guests – for in the end, they’re the ones that make or break your business enterprise."

Publisher: Wordit Content Design & Editing Services Pvt Ltd ISBN: 9788192816692 Pages: 100