The White Hand by Jean Warmbold

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The White Hand

On Christmas Day, 1987, a brutal murder takes place. The victim? A young, pregnant woman waiting at a bus stop on a deserted street of a southern California town. The assassins? Two cold-blooded, professional hit men. The accomplices? Two San Rodino cops. And the witness? Sarah Calloway, investigative reporter. This gruesome encounter plunges Sarah headlong into a perilous maze of double-dealings and international intrigue, where the first murder detonates a second, and then a puzzling chain of killings. It is like a game of mirages, for no sooner does Sarah unlock one piece of the puzzle than it fades into the shadows, leaving more complex, more harrowing possibilities in its wake. Is she dealing with a band of well-armed Survivalists? Paramilitary drug smugglers? Nicaraguan Contras? Central American death squads? Cuban terrorists? Or are there elements more insidious and closer to home? The deeper Sarah digs, the darker and more powerful the forces become. And the truth is far more chilling than Sarah could ever have suspected as she discovers the far reaching and ruthless impact of La Mano Blanca, the White Hand.
Publisher: The Permanent Press ISBN: 9781504015837 Pages: 222