The Wolfe Wager: A Regency Romance by Jo Ann Ferguson

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The Wolfe Wager: A Regency Romance

Heiress Lady Vanessa Wolfe is the talk of the season because everyone is curious whom she will wed. Her brother Corey, the true heir to Wolfe Abbey, has been reported missing after a battle against Napoleon on the continent, and he may be dead. But Vanessa doesn’t want to marry; she wants to find Corey.
Her reluctance offers the perfect opportunity for Ross Brickendon, a viscount, to make a bet with his two bored friends, Sir Wilbur Haskett and Bruce Swinton. The first one of them who can persuade the young lady to wed will win the bet . . . which is for a mere £3. Each has his own way of courting the lady, but Ross’s is to try to help her find her brother, something that touches Vanessa’s heart. Still, can she believe he is sincere and wants her love, not her estate?
When the truth is revealed, Ross realizes he must prove his love, even if doing so costs him his life.

Publisher: Open Road Distribution ISBN: 9781504009034 Pages: 250