The Young Adult's Guide to Stop Bullying: Understanding Bullies and Their Actions by Rebekah Sack

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The Young Adult's Guide to Stop Bullying: Understanding Bullies and Their Actions

Forty percent of U.S. students voluntarily report being involved in bullying — as bullies or as victims — according to a national study. In this book, you will learn why bullying occurs and get at the root causes for it, why some students are victimized and why others are vicious. You will learn about cyber bullying, phone or note bullying, gang bullying, teacher bullying, and sports bullying. You deserve to go to school free from intimidation. Help make your school bully-free by using the information contained in this new book. If you are interested in learning essentially everything there is to know about stopping bullies and bullying, then this book is for you.

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Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group ISBN: 9781601389992 Pages: 198