This and That: Random Thoughts and Recollections by Bel Kaufman

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This and That: Random Thoughts and Recollections

A collection of witty and incisive articles by one of the twentieth century’s most remarkable literary voices

Here and there, now and then, an article by Bel Kaufman, bestselling author of Up the Down Staircase, would appear in a newspaper or magazine. In these magazine articles, Kaufman wrote about subjects of the day and shared interesting or amusing experiences, always with keen observations from her long life. She reminisced about her early childhood in Odessa, addressed an open letter to Baby Boomers on the subject of  aging, and pondered the loss of civility in modern culture. Now, for the first time, Kaufman selects her favorite essays from several decades—dating back to 1967—and places them side-by-side in this funny, irreverent, and wonderfully entertaining collection.
Publisher: Open Road Media ISBN: 9781453256060 Pages: 138