This Old Man by Lois Ruby

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This Old Man

A spunky young girl forms an unlikely friendship with a dying Chinese man while living in a group home

For Greta, having light and carefree Hackey hanging around her mom is a lot more fun than having an ordinary dad. But Hackey isn’t her father—he’s more like a pimp, and no matter how friendly he is, he still treats Greta’s mom like dirt. When the situation at home goes from bad to worse, Greta is moved into a home for at-risk children where she meets some of the most interesting girls she has ever known—and a shy young boy named Wing.
Greta’s riding a San Francisco cable car when she notices Wing carrying a huge basket of delicious-smelling food. It’s for his grandfather, Old Man, who is dying in the Chinese hospital. Although they don’t speak the same language, Greta and Old Man will become fast friends—two survivors, who refuse to give up on life.
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781504013642 Pages: 184