Those Who Trespass by Matthew Dunster

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Those Who Trespass

'I – is – the – future. It’s safe. That’s it for me. Security. That’s it.’

'Yer think yer safe – yer think people like me don’t exist – or yer wanna pretend I don’t – well I’m in your flat, mate!’

The developers have had their way – an old way of living has been cleared for Water City, a futuristic, secure, development, where you can live and work and shop. Even the affordable housing is reassuringly expensive. But in the shadow of the glass and steel, some people feel like everything is being taken away.

Those Who Trespass explores the differences between two groups of people; the mistrust, the fear and the tragic collision when these two groups come together.

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd ISBN: 9781783198016 Pages: 128