Three Sisters by Anya Reiss, Anton Chekhov

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Three Sisters

‘You won’t be here. Not in thirty years. You’ll have had a stroke, or I’ll have shot you. It’ll be one or the other.’

Three sisters. Three thousand miles from home. Overworked Olga, wild Masha and idealistic Irina dream of returning. Living in a world of deceit, desire and hard drinking it’s difficult but is there something else holding them back?

Reinterpreted for the 21st century by Anya Reiss, this is a searing new version of Chekhov’s masterpiece.

Press for The Seagull:

‘Fresh, colloquial, sexy and downright perceptive’ The Telegraph

‘in a year of remarkable Chekhov revivals, this Seagull flies with the best’ The Guardian

‘As emotionally honest and heartfelt a production as the author could have hoped’ The Times

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd ISBN: 9781783195985 Pages: 104