Trace Takes a Hand by Paul Lederer

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Trace Takes a Hand

With the help of three strangers, a girl fights to rescue her father

When he sees the string of riders coming over the horizon, Luke Cason sends his daughter, Sally, to hide in the basement. She trembles in the dark, chilled by the terrible sounds of her father’s past, come to take revenge. When the basement fills with smoke, she escapes the burning house and finds their little homestead deserted, her father taken by the mysterious men. She is alone on the prairie, without horse, gun, or food, and believes that things cannot get any worse—until she sees the riders coming back.
At the head of the pack is Trace Cavanaugh, a suntanned Arizona lawman with ice-blue eyes. He and his two companions are not the men who took Sally’s father. They were on their way to fight alongside Luke, but arrived too late. With Trace’s help, Sally sets out to find her father and kill the men who took him away.
Publisher: Open Road Media ISBN: 9781497693999 Pages: 157