Twice Upon a Life by Jolly J Mathews

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Twice Upon a Life

Story of a young girl, who has a sheltered upbringing. She loses her loved ones in a tragic accident, Struggling to overcome issues of self – esteem and confidence, in an unfamiliar environment, she makes a brave journey through a new world, to rediscover her true self. She is helped by a host of characters, including one special pet dog. She virtually lives her life twice over, hence the title "Twice upon a Life"

The story originates in Goa, moves to Mumbai, then touches South Africa. Characters from China, South Africa and a few other countries she meets with, help her in her journey of self – discovery. A special orphan child 'Maria' is an integral part of the story.

Savannah triumphs in the end proving that ‘success is not satisfaction’, rather ‘satisfaction is success’ and that satisfaction can come from decency and living a value-based life.

In a summary of the author’s philosophy a lead character says: “There are no villians in this story”

The tale is rooted in strong Christian values and written in a unique style.

Publisher: Vij Books India Private Limited ISBN: 9789385167560 Pages: 252