Unafraid by Michael Griffo

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An American boy at a British boarding school discovers his own identity—and acquires a new one as a vampire . . .
The boarding school known as Archangel Academy possesses a legacy of secrets known only to a privileged few. For in this peaceful, charming part of England lives a population of vampires at war with one another—and young Michael Howard is caught in the middle of it all.
When Michael left his small Nebraska hometown to enroll at Archangel Academy, he couldn’t have imagined how much the experience would change him. Back home, he’d been bullied for being different—and he’d been mortal. Now, Michael is a vampire with a destiny that was foretold long ago, and a group of friends with their own mysterious abilities.
But he has enemies too, some of them hiding in plain sight. Being strong enough to defend himself isn’t enough. Michael must find a way to protect his entire race of vampires. Dark forces within the school will drive everyone to take sides in the escalating violence. And for all his new powers, Michael will discover that love, jealousy, and vengeance have a danger of their own . . .
Publisher: Kensington ISBN: 9780758277763 Pages: 417